Notice: Although all of our venues are currently closed you can still stay connected with Wolverhampton Arts and Culture through our free online and family friendly resources.

Family friendly free online resources

During this time of self-isolation, social distancing and home schooling we’re all in need of ideas for creative activities and ways to stay connected with arts and culture. So, our team at Wolverhampton Art Gallery has prepared some online resources that you can turn to for inspiration.

Downloadable Activity Pack

Download our art activities and have fun making your own art and craft works from simple everyday materials. Just click and create…

Pop Art Painted Salt Dough Eggs 
Spring Collage Landscape 
Woolly Hatchlings 
Pop Art Easter Egg Cards
Pop Up Chick Easter Egg Cards
Nest Building Challenge 
Watercolour Workshop 


Madonna and Child
Bantock House
Bantock House – Billard Room
Bantock Courtyard. Design your own garden. 

Question Time

These questions are about an oil painting called Family of E. L. Lee (1736) by the artist Joseph Highmore (1692 – 1780). It is part of Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s permanent collection and is on currently on display in our Georgian room. You might have seen it when you have visited the gallery? The picture is important because it connects to the history of the city.

Lee Family Painting

These questions are about and oil painting call Allegory of Wisdom and Science (front piece for the Encyclopaedia Brittannica) by the artist  James Miller (1714-1837) showing a female showing a large manuscript to a group of small children. They are surrounded by many cultural and scientific objects.

Allegory of Wisdom and Science Painting