Virtual Learning

Cultural Learning and Creative Wellbeing: Digital Learning and Engagement

Wolverhampton Arts and Culture have developed a new “virtual” learning offer, allowing us to continue providing exceptional cross-curricular learning experiences, and support schools and inspire students in this new climate.

We continue to offer Primary, Secondary and SEN school sessions, inspired by our temporary art exhibitions and world-class collections of artworks and museum objects, but our classes can now be accessed via a secure virtual setting using Microsoft Teams.

Our virtual cultural learning caters for all key stage levels (KS1 – KS5), and our art experts can offer a range of facilitated virtual classes, adapted from our gallery-based set-sessions and master classes.

Our gallery-based set sessions include classes inspired by:

• Sculpture
• Pop Art
• Drawing
• Landscape and Nature
• People and Portraits

We are working with our talented team of freelance artist-educators to re-design our existing school sessions; converting them from traditional gallery-based workshops to sessions that can be delivered directly to your classroom, using video conferencing and online platforms.

If you are interested please contact us for more information, and to discuss how we can support learning and creativity in your school.

We will advise you of any art materials, resources, equipment you will need to organise and prepare in advance, and can also suggest a room layout, to ensure you get the most from your session.

We can also offer virtual object-centred learning. These sessions deliver fascinating and informative talks, illustrated with real museum objects and historical artefacts.

For more details please contact: [email protected]