User Tagging

We need your help to make the collection items on this website easier to find.

Many of the records have no keywords or tags recorded, others have just a limited set and this means that these items don’t show up in the results of a search even though they may be relevant.

So we would like you to help us by adding your own tags to collection items that you look at on this website. The more people that add their own tags the easier it will be to find items that match your search.

You don’t need to be an expert, simply add tags that describe what you see and that help to describe the item.

The Portrait by Narcisee Baudin, OP370

For example, for the painting on the right you might add the tags: people, friends, men, women, child, boy, dog, dress, chatting, happy, painting, frame, easel, artist, table, table cloth, indoors, room …..

To get started take a look at items from the collections, browse to find an item that interests you, click on the title to see more and then start adding your tags.  Adding a tag is simplicity itself, just type in a word or phrase in the ‘Add your own tag’ box and then click on the ‘Add tag’ button.

As we get more user tags we will be looking to add these back into our collections database which underpins the website.