Block Capital Project

The Block Capital project was an investigation in to the history of high-rise council flats BlockCapitalpicacross the Black Country focussing on the architecture and the stories of residents who lived in these impressive buildings.

More than 50 volunteers worked on the project to create an archive of material collected during the investigation, including photographs, documents, and oral history recordings. Over 60 personal stories were also recorded during the process, creating a record of dozens of face-to-face interviews with tenants, former tenants, council employees and others.

You can read about the project and listen to some of the oral histories at Distinctly Black Country.

The project also produced a publication called Living in the Sky: A History of High-Rise Council Flats in the Black Country. You can collect a free copy from Wolverhampton Art Gallery or to receive a copy in the post please send us your address using this form.

In addition to Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage a number of local organisations supported the project, including Sandwell Community Information & Participation Service, Walsall Tenants & Residents Federation, WAVE, the arts and museums of Wolverhampton, and the Wolverhampton Federation of Tenants Associations.

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