Notice: The Art Gallery, Bantock House, Bilston Gallery and City Archives are currently closed. You can still stay connected with Wolverhampton Arts and Culture through our free online and family friendly resources.

Free online resources

Still Lively

Sam Hale who organises Still Lively at Wolverhampton Art Gallery has put together some challenges for you to take part in. Click on the links below and develop your skills.

Hands On 
Still Life
Drawing with Paper
Taking Notice
In the Mirror
Do and Mend 1/Do and Mend 2/Do and Mend 3/Do and Mend 4/Do and Mend 5
Taking Art For A Walk
In Conversation/In Conversation part 2
Inside and Outside
Signs and Symbols 
Wish I Was Here
Frisking the Scene
Trees/More Trees
Sticks and Stones
Summer Review
Imagine the Scene
The Daily Bread
Friendship and Strength
Collecting and Connecting
Imagining and Observing
Someone Special
Cloud Sailing
Comic Book Diary
Dirty Heavy Drawings
Long, Slow and Quiet Drawing
Cats and Dogs

Online Drawing Classes

Artist Kathleen Fabre has created a series of online drawing classes inspired by Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s famous Pop Art collection. They are free to download and a new activity will be added to the Gallery website each week. Follow the expert advice and tips to develop new artistic skills, learn new creative techniques, and make your own Pop-inspired artworks from the comfort of your own home. 

Pop Art Portrait Postcards
Pop Art Rural Landscapes.
Pop Art Rainbow
Pop Art City Skyline
Pop Art Room
Still Life