Changing Our Lives

As part of their Common Ground project, Changing Our Lives have launched a new social media campaign: Your New Normal, My Normal. The project, funded by the Co-op Foundation, has resulted in this new, online exhibition; featuring original artworks by young people exploring the issue of loneliness.

Common Ground aims to bring together young disabled people and their non-disabled peers, to build connections. Throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an increased awareness of loneliness. Some people are saying they are feeling lonely and isolated from their communities and families, donning the phrase “the new normal”. For some young people, these feelings of loneliness are the everyday normal.

Loneliness is often seen as an issue that mainly affects the elderly. However, the Let’s Talk Loneliness campaign shows that people aged 18 – 24 are most likely to say they have felt lonely (UK Youth). Youth loneliness is an area that Changing Our Lives continue to address through capturing the stories of young people and their families.

The range of different artworks created in response to this project feature in this new online gallery, available for all to view.

Pieces explore the following themes:

My Normal

– Barriers


To see the campaign in full, visit Changing Our Lives on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

My Normal – An insight into your everyday.

Barriers – What stops you from feeling connected and having friendships?

Loneliness – What loneliness looks like for you?