Arts Award – Gold

We can support Unit 1 parts A, B, C & D

Unit 1 Part A: Extend Own Arts Practice

Young People aged 14-25 can take part in ArtForum workshops, Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s youth program. For more information see:

Unit 1 Part B: Identify Development Opportunities within the wider arts sector

Young people can apply for Work Experience for more information see:

Young people can apply for Voluntary opportunities for more information visit:

Unit 1 Part C: research advanced practitioners and review arts events

Young people will be able to review a range of exhibitions and events that we offer for more examples see:

Unit 1 Part D: form and communicate a view on an arts issue

Young people will be able to research the issue they have chosen through activities including ArtForum, ARTiculation Programme, Work Experience or becoming a Live Guide. For details please visit: alternatively, contact the Cultural Learning Team e-mail [email protected]