Music, Art and Beer

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
24 May 2014 - 21 June 2014

An exhibition of new visual works by five local artists celebrating music, art and beer.

Larissa Sansour - Nation Estate

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
24 May 2014 - 26 July 2014

In this short sci-fi film, Larissa Sansour offers a vertical solution to Palestinian statehood. Housed in one colossal skyscraper, the whole Palestinian population is finally living the high life.

Justyna Ptak - The House

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
19 April 2014 - 12 July 2014

Justyna Ptak’s photographs seek to capture the significant and intangible in the everyday and are drawn from domestic, architectural and rural environments.

Cold Tea

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
18 April 2014 - 17 May 2014

Cold Tea delivers diversity through the exploration of the phenomenology of colour and unreality executed through the materiality of paint and photographic images.

Learning Team Showcase

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
15 March 2014 - 12 April 2014

A showcase of the work of the WAVE learning team during 2013-14.

BP Portrait Award 2013

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
1 March 2014 - 31 May 2014

Now in its 34th year, the BP Portrait Award showcases 55 of the most outstanding and innovative new portraits from around the world.

New Art West Midlands 2014

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
15 February 2014 - 10 May 2014

New Art West Midlands 2014 showcases exciting new work from artists who have recently graduated from art schools in the West Midlands region.

Junction 5

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
8 February 2014 - 8 March 2014

This exhibition comprises five dedicated local artists of varying technique and artistic approach but who complement each other with drive and determination to produce new and exploratory contemporary art.

Bastion: An Installation - Film and Mixed Media

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
4 January 2014 - 1 February 2014

Movement and digital artist Ray Jacobs has created a spectacle that explores and explodes the stereotype of the harmless jester.

Nikhil Chopra: Space Oddity

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
7 December 2013 - 5 April 2014

Following his three day live performance in the Gallery in response to our Indian decorative object collection, Nikhil Chopra has created spectacular portraits.

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