All in a Day's Work

Bantock House Museum
23 January 2014 - 5 May 2014

The Black Country was home to many large manufacturing companies that have now moved out or closed down. The exhibition provides a brief history of the companies in words and images and visitors are encouraged to share their own memories with us.

A Tribute to Agatha Christie

Bantock House Museum
24 October 2013 - 19 January 2014

Agatha Christie is well known as an author of murder mysteries and creator of inscrutable characters. Discover more about her life and work, including the unassuming Miss Marple and the brainy Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

On Parade - The Real Dad’s Army

Bantock House Museum
15 August 2013 - 20 October 2013

Find out about the real Dad’s Army and what went on at Bantock House.

All Locked Up

Bantock House Museum
9 May 2013 - 11 August 2013

This exhibition will include displays of locks and keys from the city’s collection, alongside the history of Wolverhampton’s lock industry.

Open All Hours

Bantock House Museum
16 January 2013 - 5 May 2013

The appearance of our high street has changed many times throughout history and in this exhibition we look at some of the shops and eating places that were once familiar to shoppers in the Wolverhampton area.

A Dickensian Christmas

Bantock House Museum
7 November 2012 - 13 January 2013

A celebration of Christmas Victorian style with a display of objects from the collection that may have been given as gifts during the festive season

A Children's War

Bantock House Museum
1 August 2012 - 4 November 2012

Find out how young people were affected by the conflict and rationing as fathers and brothers joining the armed forces and mothers and sisters supported the war effort on the home front.

Japan to Japanning

Bantock House Museum
10 May 2012 - 29 July 2012

This exhibition explores the industry’s development and highlight some of the beautiful locally-made objects in the city’s collection.

Time Gentlemen Please

Bantock House Museum
25 January 2012 - 6 May 2012

Explore the history of Wolverhampton’s Public Houses

Oh yes it is!

Bantock House Museum
16 November 2011 - 22 January 2012

An exhibition featuring marionettes and toy theatres on loan from Micheal Dixon and a British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild

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