Natural by Grace Mayne

Bilston Craft Gallery
14 February 2015 - 14 March 2015

Using materials such as acrylics, oils, gouache, pencil, oil pastels and charcoal, Grace loves experimenting with natural, man-made and discarded materials to see how they add unique effects.

Acts of Making Festival

Bilston Craft Gallery
14 February 2015 - 28 February 2015

Bilston Craft Gallery, in partnership with The Crafts Council, presents Acts of Making. This exciting two week festival challenges definitions of craft, how it is produced and what the legacy of craft objects can be

Spirit of Cloth

Bilston Craft Gallery
10 January 2015 - 7 February 2015

Eclectica is a group of six Midlands textile artists who work independently to produce original textile art; sharing ideas, techniques and inspiration regularly.

Black Sheep: The Darker Side of Felt

Bilston Craft Gallery
6 December 2014 - 31 January 2015

This exhibition is an exploration of the edgier side of felt, it challenges its fuzzy felt reputation by looking at artists who create sometimes disturbing and bizarre oddities and technically brilliant objects out of the unique medium

All Fired Up

Bilston Craft Gallery
15 November 2014 - 13 December 2014

What is enamel? It is the excitement of creating something using glass and metal and fusing them together.
This exhibition of work created by members of Region 4 from the Guild of Enamellers does just that – creating unique pieces in a variety of styles.

Tunes from the Trenches with the Stringcredibles

Bilston Craft Gallery
1 November 2014

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. For all the family, a commemoration of the War to end all wars, ‘Tunes from the Trenches’ a musical extravaganza with professional string quartet from the CBSO, The Stringcredibles.

It's Our World

Bilston Craft Gallery
11 October 2014 - 8 November 2014

The exhibition will be an showcase of drawings and artwork celebrating the Big Draw theme for 2014, ‘It’s Our World’

Craft and Conflict

Bilston Craft Gallery
13 September 2014 - 22 November 2014

Craft and Conflict brings together both contemporary and historical items that commemorate and explore the themes of war and remembrance.

Conflux - Mother and Son

Bilston Craft Gallery
6 September 2014 - 4 October 2014

Val and Nevil Brewin explore the world of discarded and found objects and the micro and macrocosms within the natural world.

Bilston Craft Gallery Award for Technical Excellence

Bilston Craft Gallery
5 August 2014 - 30 August 2014

Awarded to four graduates of the Birmingham School of Jewellery’s BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing 2014 course, the Bilston Craft Gallery Award for Technical Excellence provides an opportunity for graduates to showcase their work.

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