Tipping Point

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

11 May 2013 - 6 July 2013

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Lori Nix - Circulation Desk, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist

A ‘tipping point’ is defined as the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable. This group exhibition centres on global climate change and showcases a range of artistic responses to the environmental and humanitarian issues associated with it, currently and in the future.

The exhibition features acclaimed international artists including Turner Prize winner Simon Starling, nominees Darren Almond and Anya Gallaccio, alongside Virginia Colwell, HeHe, Merel Karhof, John Kelly, Heather and Ivan Morison, Katie Paterson and Lori Nix.

The exhibition also includes an exciting new commission by Gerry Judah, inspired by a research trip to India in association with international development agency Christian Aid.

For more information on Gerry Judah's new work, please visit the Christian Aid website - Christian Aid: Tipping Point.

You can also watch a short video of Gerry Judah talking about his work here: