Man of Note

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

4 July 2012 - 1 December 2012

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Local artist Harry Eccleston OBE was the first full-time banknote designer for the Bank of England. His revolutionary designs of the 1970s have influenced the look of British banknotes ever since.

Alongside sketches and proofs for Eccleston’s iconic Series D notes, which feature historic figures such as Florence Nightingale, Sir Isaac Newton and Shakespeare, will be his remarkable master drawings of Her Majesty the Queen.

This exhibition also celebrates Eccleston’s legacy as an artist and printmaker who dedicated much of his life to depicting the industrial surroundings of his childhood home in Coseley.

Sketchbooks, drafts, photographs and prints chart the working process of this extraordinary artist.

Due to public demand this exhibition will now be on show until 1 December 2012.